“‘KKtP’ 来源于国际象棋中专用名词的简写,代表着 ‘国王一侧骑士前的士兵’。国际象棋的规则里,士兵只能向前不能后退,一旦能够行进到对手底线,则可以升级为皇后。我想以小兵的身份时刻提醒自己坚持向前,目标很高,实现起来当然不易,但最重要是一步步脚踏实地。” ——Kim Kiroic


KKtP 是 鞋履设计师Kim Kiroic (金奇洛)在2008年曾于上海开设的店铺名字。当时的KKtP 不仅售卖设计师自家出品的球鞋产品,也集合了诸如SANKUANZTYAKASHA 等一众现今炽手可热的设计师产品。KKtP 店铺仅存在了6个月时间。2013Kim 带着自己的球鞋系列重回巴黎之际,为了鼓励自己找回多年前那个奋勇向前的小兵,于是重新启用了这个名字。


不断成长的KKtP 正在时刻刷新自己的定义。如今的KKtP 品牌由Kim Kiroic (金奇洛)领导下的创意团队打造,自2006年起深耕的设计师鞋履领域外开始延展至服饰及配饰系列,以及涉猎更多元化的设计师产品零售、视觉创意及产品设计领域业务。


在鞋履设计领域,Kim Kiroic (金奇洛)通过自主品牌系列出品以及为知名设计师们联乘设计而被大众认识,并得到大量媒体报道。KKtP 起始于设计师最擅长的时装球鞋,自2013年发布首个系列以来,每年两季在巴黎、米兰及上海时装周期间发布,与全球各个时尚潮流名所合作并构建了全球销售网络。在近年,更为遍布海外时装学院的New Talent 毕业生项目提供鞋履支持而广受好评。


在时装设计领域,KKtP 2017年春夏季起,以团队制服为出发点发布首个胶囊系列。目前设计及研发团队已日益完善,并将在未来持续稳定的开始其正式时装系列的发布。


KKtP 团队在完整其横跨鞋履、配饰到服装产品设计研发能力的同时,也广泛涉足商业品牌设计服务与联名系列的打造。同时创意团队也吸收了来自视觉影像、平面设计、建筑空间设计等各领域的力量,从事更加丰富立体的品牌形象及视觉创意工作。


在项目的最新阶段,KKtP 团队更为大家带来了 KKTP.COM,一个旨在为本地带来新的美学风向以及为设计新星们提供零售支持的网络电商平台。它重新回到很多年前那个设计师集合店的形态,希望更多设计师如同奋勇向前的小兵一样汇集成强大的力量。




“‘KKtPemanate from a chess term, meaning Kings knights pawn. In chessrules, the pawn can only go forwards and never backwards, once the pawn making through the base line of the other side it will upgrade to the queen. I try to remind myself as a pawn to always keep going and aim high, for sure its harder than it sounds, but whats important is to do it step by step.

                                                       -----Kim Kiroic


KKtP was a store owned by Kim Kiroic back in 2008 in Shanghai. Back then, KKtP did not only sale itsown sneakers but also included designer brands that still popular now such as SANKUAN, TYAKASHA etc. KKtP store merely existed for 6 months. When Kim were going back to Paris with his new sneaker collection in 2013, he picked up this name again in order to encourage himself finding the fearless little pawn in the past. 


As a growing brand, KKtP is constantly redefining itself. KKtP is now leading by Kim Kiroics creative team, from design sneaker since 2006 expanding to clothing and accessory collection, and also dabbled in different fields like designer product retail, creative visual and product design.


In footwear design field Kim Kiroic was recognized by people and media for his own collection and a numbers of collaborations with other well-known brands. KKtP started with high-end fashion sneakers, launches twice a year in Paris, Milano and Shanghai fashion week since first collection in 2013; work with all fashion retailers and connected a global retail web. In more recent years, its been widely acclaimed for providing shoes for New Talent fashion design students graduation program around the world. 


In garment design field, KKTP have launch itsfirst capsule collection as Team Uniform since 2017 spring summer season. So far the design and develop team is featured and completed, will be launching clothing collection steady and consistently in the future.


While KKtP is featuring a whole design package from footwear, accessory and garment, it also provides consulting service for commercial brands and cross-over collaborations. The creative team is composed with individual from visual image, fine art design, architecture & space design, in order to offer a more abundant brand image and creative work.


In the latest stage of the project, KKtP team is now launching KKtP.COM, as a retail platform of new collective brands, selects the most cross-sectional product with taste, presenting a new aesthetics for the locals. It is just like the store years ago as a multi-brand form, hoping more designers are like the fearless pawn to come all together as a greater strength.








Kim Kiroic (金奇洛)成为一名鞋履设计师纯属偶然。 他曾是一名在课堂上痴迷画篮球鞋的少年,这样一个简单的爱好成为他在青少年时期的主要成长动力。大学广告系毕业后历经两次国际运动品牌市场及零售方面的工作经验,开始清晰自己的事业方向及设计风格语言,从而先后建立了先锋鞋履设计品牌KIROIC 及 手工鞋履及配饰品牌KINKLEWORKSHOP


2008Kim Kiroic (金奇洛)以KIROIC 为名推出了运动鞋与凉鞋的混合体设计,引起时尚界关注。在2010年春夏季收到韩国设计师JUUN.J 邀请为巴黎时装周的时装发布设计制作鞋履产品后,为其担任了为期三年的鞋履设计工作。除了与JUUN.J 的联名合作设计,KIROIC 也于2011年春夏季开始在巴黎面向全球买手展示。Kim Kiroic (金奇洛)的鞋履设计因其独特的运动鞋解构、可拆卸变型鞋面、几何轮廓和异型鞋底、以及擅长将传统手工艺创新使用而闻名。


在此后的几年中,Kim Kiroic (金奇洛)以鞋履设计为出发点展开了与众多设计师的合作。名单包括:SANKUANZ / XANDER ZHOU / UMA WANG / GROUND-ZERO / LAITINEN / XIMONLEE / VEGA ZAISHI WANG等等。其与商业品牌展开的合作项目也影响广泛,比如持续四年的  VANS BY KIROIC 系列,最近的 “2017 YEAR OF THE ROOSTER 鸡年生肖系列 ” 将其在先锋时装领域的设计理念拓展至更为广阔的大众时尚消费市场。


在结束了KIROIC 品牌的经营之后,Kim Kiroic (金奇洛)于2013年正式推出他的新品牌KKtP。并且减弱了设计师的个人身份,以创意团队的面貌,将自己在鞋履设计领域的经验拓展至服饰设计、平面设计、视觉影像、空间设计、品牌企划等更为丰富立体的创意领域。




Kim Kiroic becoming a footwear designer might count as a coincidence. He used to sketch his dream sneakers in class out of the obsession of basketball, this simple aspiration as a teen has been his major impetus and motivation. After graduated from university, Kim worked in two different renowned sneaker companies for marketing and retailing, meanwhile he came to realization of his career and design style. Then founded avant-garde footwear brand KIROIC and followed by hand-made footwear & accessory brand KINKLEWORKSHOP.


In 2008, Kim Kiroic has designed few pairs of sneakers-sandals hybrid and cause attention to the fashion world. In spring/ summer season of 2010, Kim was invited by Korean designer JUUN.J to design footwear for his fashion show, and the collaboration lasted for 3 years. Aside from that, KIROIC started showing on 2011 spring/ summer season in Paris for global buyers. KIROIC's design is best known for its' unique visions through deconstructed, transformable designs, geometric silhouettes and innovative change of traditional handicraft.


For the next few years, Kim Kiroic have done many designer collaborations for footwear design, the list includes: SANKUANZ/ XANDER ZHOU/ UMA WANG/ GROUND-ZERO/ LAITINEN/ XIMONLEE/ VEGA ZAISHI WANG and so on. Other collaboration work with commercial brands also has a broad influence, such as VANS BY KIROIC collection which lasted for 4 years so far. The most recent 2017 YEAR OF THE ROOSTER COLLECTIONhas brought his avant-garde fashion design concept to a broader high-street fashion market.


After closing down brand KIROIC, Kim is officially launching his new brand KKtP. This time he has weakened his own designer image, but showing the whole creative team. So as to expand his experience from footwear to other creative field such as clothing design, graphic design, visual image, space design, brand planning and so on.